Bay Views at The Four Seasons

Transforming the Traditional into the Contemporary:  This project within the iconic Four Seasons Private Residences emphasizes comfort, elegance, and the seamless integration of stunning bay views.

Comfortable Luxury

Mixing gloss finishes with matte natural materials adds character while making the space feel comfortably livable. Bespoke cast glass with gold light fixtures, high-gloss marble, woven leather, cashmere, a room-sized wool and flax rug, and gilded pewter wallpaper wrapping structural columns provide an element of luxury. A full room-width custom sofa cleverly conceals HVAC units of the adjacent building while showcasing the view.

Jewel Box Powder Room

The project’s catalyst was the powder room, a small but significant decorative space. Gold landscape wallpaper, polished materials, and exacting details reference the luxurious feeling of French Art Deco interiors. A hand-beveled lead crystal and gold vessel sit atop a custom, fluted ebony wood vanity designed by Bjorn Design. A hand-forged brass cabinet pull, brass Waterworks fixtures, and a custom mirror add an extra layer of glam.

About the Project

This project is located within the iconic Four Seasons Private Residences in the heart of San Francisco—a harmonious blend of classic architecture and modern luxury. It caters to the refined tastes of a client who likes to entertain, emphasizing comfort, elegance, and stunning bay views.

What started as a modest powder room renovation quickly increased in scope and has undergone a dramatic evolution. The interior design introduces an array of bespoke elements, from custom-designed furniture to a selection of elegant materials that include high-gloss burl wood, marble, and touches of gold and silver leaf throughout.

The open living area is a testament to functional luxury, where the exterior views take center stage. Here, the interplay of light and reflection is accentuated by a highly polished marble dining table and a lacquered coffee table, enhancing the dynamic nature of the space. Textural contrasts are introduced through soft furnishings in chenille, cashmere, velvet, wool, and woven leather, ensuring the space remains warm, elegant, and inviting.

Similar details can be found on a smaller scale throughout the home. In the sleek primary bathroom, a custom shou sugi ban tray by Bjorn Design contrasts with the marble and lacquer surfaces. Softness is added to the bedrooms with a use of wallpaper: a cloud toile wallpaper in the primary suite and a gold and pale green paper by Timorous Beasties in the kid’s bedroom.

Every detail of this project contributes to a cohesive and luxurious living experience for a client with a strong point of view. This reimagination of space showcases how thoughtful design can transform a conventional space into a personal sanctuary that respects its classic roots while embracing a modern aesthetic.


Interior Design: Bjorn Design
Building Architect: Handel Architects
Contractor: Aaron Gordon Construction
Photography: Adam Rouse