Bjørn Design

Rooted in modern design principles and appreciation for form, authentic materials, and meticulous detail, the design practice of David Bjørngaard prioritizes essential beauty and human experience.

His expert team partners with architects, builders, and homeowners to create interiors suited to each client. “Color, texture, function, and art play roles in all the interiors we bring to life,” says Bjørngaard, the firm’s creative principal. From renovations to new builds, Bjørn Design balances tailored, modern beauty and traditional quality to deliver timeless design every time.

David Bjørngaard, LEED AP

Design and art are my life. Every Bjorn Design project is infused with a passion for design and detail, drawing on my diverse background, experiences, and knowledge. Our cinematic approach creates a rich and meaningful spatial experience for our clients.


Growing up on a farm in Minnesota taught me to follow the pattern of the sun, respect a sense of place, and value simplicity, integrity, and slowness. It instilled the importance of ‘home’, nurturing connections, and supporting one’s community. The farm is still my grounding place.


My curiosity about the world outside of my small hometown gave me an intense desire to explore and immerse myself in other cultures – it is what has inspired me to travel my entire adult life. A cosmopolitan worldview and style were developed from all my travels and, most significantly, from my studies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Italy.


Several years after college, I worked dressing movie sets. The goal was to tell the story visually, where I learned that interiors provide the perfect stage for life. When I design for a client, I intend to reinforce life narratives through colors, textures, and personal objects.


After graduating summa cum laude from California College of the Arts (CCA) with a degree in Interior Architecture, I had the honor to work closely with the brilliant Hall of Fame designer Orlando Diaz-Azcuy for seven years before forging my own path.

My Life

When I’m not working on a particular project, you can find me in the kitchen cooking, reading books of poetry and design, hiking local trails, engaging with the Headlands Center for the Arts, or traveling to local and foreign destinations to experience and gather inspiration – or simply dreaming, drawing, and thinking about possibilities.

“Inside every home, there lies a story. As the interior designer, my passion is to set the stage for your story.” —David Bjørngaard