Neoclassical Outside, Ultra-Modern Inside

Introducing contrast – this work-in-progress Neoclassical home will be accentuated with ultra-modern detail, creating an extremely livable family home that is also meant for entertaining.

About the Project

The approach to this renovation is very European: we are taking a traditional structure and inserting ultra-modern rooms & furnishings in a way that feels cohesive, exciting, and natural. Combining luxurious and tactile materials, clarity of proportion and symmetry, and modern conveniences results in a remarkable series of rooms.

We started with redesigning the Primary Suite. The bathroom includes a custom designed 16-foot-long bathroom vanity, cantilevered off the wall and crafted out of a single block of solid Grafite Patinato Marble. The Italian kitchen & bathroom firm Vaselli realized the design which is featured in their current brochure.

Then the clients entrusted Bjorn Design to guide them through reimagining the entire home. With an expanding team of collaborators, we are moving forward with a mix of Neoclassical accentuated with tailored modern design embellishment. The result promises to be an haute couture, livable luxury.


Interior Design & Furnishings: Bjorn Design
Architecture: Verner Architects
Construction: PTAK
Vanity Photography: Davide Dainelli