Living in the Sky

A city home provides a young family carefree space to cook, entertain, and explore the local art & food scene.

Window Seats

These are our favorite addition to any project. A window seat provides an intimate connection to the exterior while expanding usable space within the interiors.

Rethinking Spaces

An underused section of this master closet was converted into a home office, easily sealed off from the rest of the house. An adjustable desk compliments the custom cabinets, which hide a printer, scanner, and shredder leaving plenty of closet space for our clients.

About the Project

In a sky-high condominium overlooking the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, a neutral color palette mixed with blond and dark-gray oaks creates a relaxed canvas upon which the client’s favorite colors – blue and purple – can shine. Scandinavian and Italian modern furnishing are mixed, along with exquisite artworks, to create a luxe, cosmopolitan feel that is refreshing, light, and relaxed.

The original request was to furnish the apartment quickly while converting a 2-bedroom condo into a 3-bedroom home. Our team selected furnishings that were adaptable, wine-resistant, and kid-friendly. Soft textural rugs enhance bare feet living, and window seats expand livable space to provide places for reading, games, and lounging when entertaining. This turbocharged project took a mere three months to complete.

A year later, after the apartment experienced water damage, we had a chance to reimagine the home to fit our clients’ current needs. Our boldest move was to add a home office in an underused transitional space, adding a movable wall to isolate the room from the rest of the home for late-night Zoom calls with Europe and Asia. We renovated the kitchen, adding new hardwood floors and additional lighting.


Interior architecture and furniture design: Bjorn Design
Construction: Black Mountain Construction (round 1)
Construction: Neil Whitehouse Construction  (round 2)
Photography: Mariko Reed