Pacific Heights Midcentury

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Not all of our moves are drastic, but the results can be dramatic. Playing off the homeowners photography collection, we created a clear black and cream color palette. The refinished floors were stained an ebony finish, and the dark stair runner provides texture and depth.


Sometimes our work starts with bold moves. Here a massive fireplace was removed, combing an underused office and a small kitchen. The kitchen, now greatly expanded, is the place for this family to gather.


We utilized much of the existing kitchen island’s cabinets, reconfiguring storage to suit new needs. We added a cantilevered countertop to expand the prep area. The expanded seating provides enough room for all the kids. This minimal cost makeover allows for family to gather for breakfast or regroup between zoom meetings and classes.

Project Information

With plans in place and a bold vision, we transformed a mid-Century architectural gem, pulling it into the 21st Century. With a few decisive strokes, we opened up the interior, repurposed rooms, clarified the design where it was muddled, and unified the progression of spaces using materials, color and art.


Interior Design: David Bjorngaard
Construction: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders
Photography: Adam Rouse