Poetry in Motion

Sometimes we walk into a space which feels right. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but it is not an accident. Proportions, colors, materials, details, furnishings and art combine to create a cohesive, emotive, personalized interior. By design poetry is created.

A Noguchi lantern suits this vaulted space.


Light and views are a central part of a designer’s work.  Awareness of the movement of light through the day allows a designer to create intimate moments that connect with nature. Allowing light to track across a textured plaster wall awakens our senses.


I like to say that the eye will travel. With so much distraction in our lives, we benefit from a focal point as a guide through space. Sometimes a view, a piece of art, or color. Connecting a sequence of rooms in this way expands the feeling of spaciousness and heightens calm.


Working with restraint and refinement highlights technique, making every addition important and necessary. Not too much, but just the right touches. Traditional Japanese joinery technique, custom tatami mats, hand applied plaster: in these moments, having the right team is critical.


It is important to create moments of joy, to surround yourself with the things you love. Not the latest trend, but a favorite color, a hand-me-down family treasure, a gift from a friend, a favorite piece of art, or a place to gather and reflect.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Richardson Pribuss ArchitectsJoinery StructuresKrekow Jennings and team of local artists and artistans to breathe a calming yet joyful energy into this lovely Gardner Dailey residence.